About Us

The Sparrow Sisters are a group of musical parents who lead sing alongs, teach music at daycare/Pre-K centers and perform harmony rich folk music for just about any willing audience.

Meet the Sparrow Sisters and friends

Katy Stone Wallace plays guitar, sings and writes some of The Sparrow Sister’s songs. She grew up on the West Coast playing banjo with folk bands (Sugar Mountain Mama Serenade), bass with rock bands (Goldenboy), ukulele with ukulele clubs (Claremont Ukulele Club) and worked for a time at the amazing Folk Music Center as both a clerk and a teacher. She began leading sing alongs in Brooklyn soon after her first daughter was born in 2014.

Laura Wilson hails from the UK but has been living in New York since 2012 with her husband and two kids. She trained as an actor in London and toured Europe with the Chapterhouse Theatre Company.  She also did a stint of teaching English and Drama to elementary school aged kids in Hungary and Nepal. Laura was a founding member of the swing band The Scarlet Sundaes and sang with local choirs while growing up in Windsor. Laura loves working with kids and playing music. She recently added the Ukelele to her repertoire and is enjoying the challenge.

Jessie Shaffer played classical violin as a child, but way before that was singing and picking out melodies by ear with her mom at home. She used to spend hours alone, listening to her Fisher-Price record player. Now, as a mom herself, Jessie is constantly delighted by the joy of sharing music with her daughter, and with the children of other parents. She has also practiced yoga for the past two decades and earned a Master’s degree in art history from Brooklyn College that allows her to teach college students in addition to toddlers. Over the years, Jessie has honed her improvisation and songwriting skills, and recently picked up the banjo as her main instrument for sing alongs. In the fall of 2018, Jessie relocated to Beacon and has been blown away by the ultra-creative and welcoming community there. Check out Jessie’s new project at Littlest Bird Music.

Sal Garro plays drums and percussion, instruments he has enjoyed playing since his childhood days in the suburbs of New York where he was born and raised.  He has performed in several rock bands including Quiet Loudlypow wow!, and The Governors.  Nowadays you can hear him perform with Brooklyn-based rock band Mount Sharp.  Sal met Katy in 2017, and the two began playing regularly on the grass at Prospect Park to a small, but enthusiastic, audience made up of Katy’s kids and Sal’s kids.  He loves reaching wider audiences and accompanying The Sparrow Sisters with brushes and a snare drum whenever he can.